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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Booglie Eyes by Stampin' Up!

Ok so my friend Kelly from Cricut said she likes to prod people when they don't post on their blog for a hile, so here I am! Hope this is fast enough for you Kelly, I just got your message, what 5 minutes ago?? :-)
Anyway these are the cards I did for a Halloween Card swap on Cricut for BeckyM. The little mummy one, was done using the mask technique. Man did that take forever, but I like how it turned out! The Frankenstein is a little plain, but after all those Mummies, my stampin arm needed a break!

By the way, ignore the date stamp! The batteries died, and I didn't change it! Bad Gina!


Kelly said...

I love your Halloween cards... Thanks for posting. I guess that sharp thing I was sticking you with can be put away now! Ha, ha! You inspire me to make cards... one day I will actually do it.

Rheannon said...

Gina I absolutly love the mummy card. I've been thinking about trying the masking technique... this card takes it to a whole new level! Great job.