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Monday, August 31, 2009

Masculine Tags

Here are the tags that I made for the Tags, tags and more tags swap that I hosted on "My favorite Message board". These are for the masculine theme. I didn't color the bass, because I just couldn't get his color right. So I left hm uncolored and popped him up and added some fishing line in his mouth. I topped it all off with some hemp twine which I added to the baggies that are going to the folks who participated. I didn't punch holes in the tags though because as I looked at them I thought that they could also be used for the fronts of cards, or how about a scrapbook page of that perfect fishing trip! Just a couple things that I though that I would do with them.

Girly Tags

I had seen these cute dress cards that Patty Bennet had made using her scalloped Sizzix Die, and I thought I would try a scaled down version on these tags. I used my Scallop circle punch for these. They make such cute dresses that can be dressed up so many ways! These are also for the Tags, tags, and more tags swap on "my fav MB", and the theme, is you guessed it, girly.

Christmas Tags

Here are the Christmas Tags I made for the Tags, tags, and more tags swap on "my Fav MB". The image is from the Big On Christmas stamp set by Stampin' Up. A very simple set, but so much you can do with it! I added some little red and green rhinestones in the spaces for ornaments. The image was colored with my Stampin Write Markers.

Anything Goes Tag

Here are the tags that I created for the Anything goes theme for the Tags tags and more tags swap that I am hosting on "my fav MB". The flowers in the background are from Stampin' Up's Garden Greetings.

Time flies

You don't always stop to think about how fast time flies. This is especially true up until you have children. When your babies arrive, things change. One day you are holding a little squirmy ball of love in your arms so tiny and sweet and cute. And the next minute you turn around and here comes a cute little toddler taking their first steps towards you. Next thing you know they are starting school. Time moves way too quickly in my opinion when it comes to our children. The other day my daughter, who is 6 was laying on the couch snuggling with me and I felt something hit my shin. "ow" I said "what was that?" "She looks down and says "my foot". I look not believing that my 6 year old who's head is even with mine could possibly have legs almost as long as mine. Sure enough there were her legs, only about a foot shorter then mine (maybe a little shorter).
That hurt, not the fact that she kicked me, but the fact that my little girl is getting so big! Granted she is only 6, bu she is such an "Old" 6. Most people talk to her and don't realize how old she is until they ask her what grade she is in. They always look at me for confirmation when she says she is just going into 1st grade, or that she just turned 6 in August. Most just look at her in disbelief. But that is how it has always been. When she was 2 months old I tried to enter her into a Infant Halloween Contest. They told me she couldn't enter into that age group. I assured the woman that she was born on August 1st of that year, and she didn't believe me. When she was 2 1/2 we were in a restaurant and a lady actually argued with me that she couldn't only be 2 1/2. "what school does she go to?" she asked. "She doesn't" I replied. "What do you mean she doesn't?" was her answer. She actually asked my mom when she came back to the table!

Anyway I had a moral to this story.

So tomorrow my little girl starts First Grade. And although I am sure she will be fine, i both worries and saddens me. I don't want her to grow too fast. I want to be able to hold her tight in a hug without her telling me to stop because I am embarrassing her. I want her to not be embarrassed to just tell me out of the blue that she loves me. And I want her to know, every day that I love her and her brother so much. And that I will always be here for them, and love them no matter what.

I only wish she'd stay little for just a little longer.....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Change to my Stampin' Up Blog address!!!

HI everyone! I just wanted to point out the change of address for my Stampin Up blog, and I know a few of my followers are also followers hre, so I am hoping you all see this!!!

I thought that I heard someone say that you couldn't have Stampin' Up in your blog address, and rather then get into trouble, I decided to change it!

So for all of you faithful followers, and to those who are blog stalkers (wink wink!!) Here is the new address:


I just dropped the "up" and added a "g". So hopefully folks will still be able to find me!!!!!!

Hope to "see" you soon!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer tag

I am hosting a swap on my Favorite Message Board, for tags. I believe the swap is called "Tags, tags, and more tags". There are different themes, and people signed up for whatever theme they wanted to do. I did most of the themes. I am trying to think of an idea for Vintage as that is the only one I am having issues thinking of an idea for.
Anyway I made these tags for Summer, but the more I looked at them I thought they could go for Masculine also. No frill. I did add some hemp twine to each one so that the receiver could continue with the natural look to the tag. OK, I decided these are for summer!

If you are wondering, I didn't add the holes to the tags, because maybe not everyone wants the holes. Although some may use them for gift tags, others may choose to add them to Layouts, or cards even, so I figured when they received it, they could decide. Also I have seen some nice tags that the maker stapled the ribbon on, so they can have that option also. If I added the hole, they may not want to do any of those things. So now you know.

PS A side note, my mind isn't functioning quite right today. Could it be that I was still wide awake making the snowman tags at 4:30 am this morning. Could be. So if this post makes absolutely no sense, or if it seems like I am just babbling...that's the reason! :) I just couldn't stop once I got started with the snowmen!! Ok going to bed now......

Winter tags for a swap

So it has been a while since I posted some of my creations! Sorry I am such a slacker! Ok so I made these little cuties for my Tags, tags and more tags swap that I am hosting on my favorite Message Board. The papers are from a winter stack of printed papers. I cut all of the circles, and the pieces for the little guy's hat and noses, from scraps. The blue cardstock tags weren't from scraps, but I did cut the ovals from the scraps for the tags! Talk about using everything! LOL. I had to use two different papers since I had used the swirly paper for the Christmas in July Card fronts. I was pretty excited how they turned out!
I used the 3/4", 1 " and 1 1/8" circle punches, and the 3/4" square and 1" square punch for the hat. The little noses are cut freehand, so they may vary in size, but then again all carrots are not created equal!!! :)