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Monday, August 31, 2009

Time flies

You don't always stop to think about how fast time flies. This is especially true up until you have children. When your babies arrive, things change. One day you are holding a little squirmy ball of love in your arms so tiny and sweet and cute. And the next minute you turn around and here comes a cute little toddler taking their first steps towards you. Next thing you know they are starting school. Time moves way too quickly in my opinion when it comes to our children. The other day my daughter, who is 6 was laying on the couch snuggling with me and I felt something hit my shin. "ow" I said "what was that?" "She looks down and says "my foot". I look not believing that my 6 year old who's head is even with mine could possibly have legs almost as long as mine. Sure enough there were her legs, only about a foot shorter then mine (maybe a little shorter).
That hurt, not the fact that she kicked me, but the fact that my little girl is getting so big! Granted she is only 6, bu she is such an "Old" 6. Most people talk to her and don't realize how old she is until they ask her what grade she is in. They always look at me for confirmation when she says she is just going into 1st grade, or that she just turned 6 in August. Most just look at her in disbelief. But that is how it has always been. When she was 2 months old I tried to enter her into a Infant Halloween Contest. They told me she couldn't enter into that age group. I assured the woman that she was born on August 1st of that year, and she didn't believe me. When she was 2 1/2 we were in a restaurant and a lady actually argued with me that she couldn't only be 2 1/2. "what school does she go to?" she asked. "She doesn't" I replied. "What do you mean she doesn't?" was her answer. She actually asked my mom when she came back to the table!

Anyway I had a moral to this story.

So tomorrow my little girl starts First Grade. And although I am sure she will be fine, i both worries and saddens me. I don't want her to grow too fast. I want to be able to hold her tight in a hug without her telling me to stop because I am embarrassing her. I want her to not be embarrassed to just tell me out of the blue that she loves me. And I want her to know, every day that I love her and her brother so much. And that I will always be here for them, and love them no matter what.

I only wish she'd stay little for just a little longer.....

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Claire said...

Man! I'm getting teary!! what a heart-felt post