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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer tag

I am hosting a swap on my Favorite Message Board, for tags. I believe the swap is called "Tags, tags, and more tags". There are different themes, and people signed up for whatever theme they wanted to do. I did most of the themes. I am trying to think of an idea for Vintage as that is the only one I am having issues thinking of an idea for.
Anyway I made these tags for Summer, but the more I looked at them I thought they could go for Masculine also. No frill. I did add some hemp twine to each one so that the receiver could continue with the natural look to the tag. OK, I decided these are for summer!

If you are wondering, I didn't add the holes to the tags, because maybe not everyone wants the holes. Although some may use them for gift tags, others may choose to add them to Layouts, or cards even, so I figured when they received it, they could decide. Also I have seen some nice tags that the maker stapled the ribbon on, so they can have that option also. If I added the hole, they may not want to do any of those things. So now you know.

PS A side note, my mind isn't functioning quite right today. Could it be that I was still wide awake making the snowman tags at 4:30 am this morning. Could be. So if this post makes absolutely no sense, or if it seems like I am just babbling...that's the reason! :) I just couldn't stop once I got started with the snowmen!! Ok going to bed now......


Claire said...

very cute tags, Gina!

Summer Loving Gal said...

I just love that beach like one Gina! ANYTHING that will take me to the beach in my mind is a real hit!
Nice job