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Monday, June 21, 2010

Gone Fishing!

Ah Summer....my daughter is out of school, and I have off for the summer, good times! David and I went and got our fishing licenses the other day. We took the kids fishing, first in Oaks, and then a little park in Plymouth meeting. Our daughter caught her first Bass in Plymouth Meeting! (see the first picture) Our son caught his very first fish in Oaks! (see the second picture. That is his "lucky fishing hat" I believe it is the ship his great grandfather was stationed on while in the Navy) On Sunday (Father's Day) we took the kids to Green Lane Park. I used to go there all the time when I was a kid. Although we did get lots of bites, we didn't catch anything, but I did get these great pictures of the kids (see third and fourth pictures). We ended up going back to Plymouth Meeting, where we had fished the day before (and where she caught the Bass). Cheyenne caught 9 fish! Cameron caught 2, and David and I each caught one. We had fun though, and that is what is important!

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Claire said...

oh Gina, those are precious pics!! I can't wait to see the scrapbook spread you come up with:0) what a wonderful family memory for the Thorntons!