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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Christmas in July - Vintage

I am hosting a Christmas In July swap over on my fav MB. We have a few different themes to choose from, one of which is Vintage Christmas. A good friend JeanP is always trying to encourage Vintage, and I finally took the plunge. I don't have any vintage stamps, etc, and she said that's okay, look at this site: vintageholidaycrafts.com/
They have LOTS of Vintage goodies there, for all sorts of occasions! Now the original image was in color (red) but I used a photo editing program and changed it to black and white. I printed that out on white, used my handy nestling dies cut the images out in a smaller oval, and then I stared at it for a while. Now what? I started daydreaming, and looked out my window, and there on the window sill was a bottle of Walnut Ink. OK, I'll try it. While that was drying I pulled the dies back out and cut the red with the next size up. And I sat and stared some more. I searched the web for a vintage looking Christmas sheet music, but couldn't find anything that didn't look too "modern" . Ok back to my stamps. Oh I had a music background, perfect. Then I sat there trying to hum the notes in my head to see what song it was. Still haven't figured that out. So I stamped that in my Soft Suede stamp pad (Stampin' Up). But it still looked too....new. Ok distress time! I rubbed my Soft Suede stamp pad all around the green making it kind of hard to see the notes at all in some places. Looks good. Now what can I do with the sentiment (came with the image). I had to print and cut a few out so that I could get just the image onto one sheet of cardstock. Did that, and also sprayed them with the Walnut ink. Then I added a strip of cardstock to back the sentiment. Still needs something. OH OH where is that awesome adhesive lace looking strips that someone (and I wish I could remember who so I could thank them!) sent me?? Ah, there it is, added that, (important note/disclaimer - I did have to cut these in half, and position them on each side of the strip of cardstock. Also not all will have the same lace as I just don't have enough of the strips) stuck it down. Ok looks good. I sent a picture off to Jean to see what she thought. While waiting for a response I also added little bronze snaps. PERFECT! Amazing the difference a couple of little snaps make! For a card I was so much "against" I think it turned out well! I love the effect the Walnut Ink had on the white cardstock! It's hard to believe that it really was white! So...what do YOU think???

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