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Friday, October 10, 2008

I think I am all caught up now!

Ok I think I am now all caught up with my creations now! I have them all photographed and posted. Now I get to go and work on some more projects!!!
I hope to get back sooner then did last month! I just have been sick and got all caught up in some stuff on the Cricut Website. But Iam over all that and now I hope to get back to my crafting! Until next time.....


Kelly aka chantryss said...

Good job Girl! I am still so far behind. I toohave been sick, and it isn't gettingbetter fast enough. I am so far behind on my blog it is sad. Got to make the time...but from what ingredients are we gonna make it..yanno? I'm enjoying looking at all your pretties though. Thanks for Sharing!

craftaddict said...

Just popped in to check your blog. Great ideas here.
Take care

Muttshouse said...

Wow! Great job updating your site Gina! Glad things are going better for you now.

I can't believe how many swaps you are in! So talented, creative, and organized!