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Saturday, May 23, 2009

All about me Book

The first page:
The second page:
Here you can see the little cut out items. I had made a boo boo on one of the words, and didn't want to have to go back and totally redo it all, so I made some of them on cut outs and I glued them down. It made it look more like I had planned it.

Here is another one of the challenges for CaitlynsMommy's All about me book Challenge on my favorite MB. I had actually seen this on an advertisment at my sister, Ginnese's house when we were there in April. I started working on it there. Crystal (CaitlynsMommy) asked for suggestions for Challenges. I suggested this one, which I was very happy she chose. Again I made one for both of the kids, these are pretty much the same though. I am proud of myself, 4 2 page layouts in one day! (These were done hours ago, but I got sidetracked playing one of my favorite PC games on the computer :) But since it is 3:33 AM now, it is time for bed!)

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