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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Look Ma no teeth!

Cheyenne's one tooth has been wiggly for so long! It was getting to be so crooked that it looked as though she had lost a tooth between the one that was wiggly and the one next to it. Today Mammy convinced her to let her pull it out. While she was in the pulling mood (Mammy that is, Cheyenne was against it) she also pulled the one on the bottom which we just realized last night was really wiggly. Seventy Five Cents later, lots of her screaming and shaking from being scared, (Did I mention she is a Drama Queen????) and the bribe of a container of Dipping Dots, she finally let Mammy take the tooth out! Look at her new smile! And of course it wouldn't be Cheyenne if she didn't pose for a fashion shot! :)

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