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Friday, January 1, 2010

My new cart!!!

Part of my Fiscal goals (read more about them on my other blog:
http://ginathorntonstamping.blogspot.com/ ) for Stampin Up and my New Years Resolution is to use it or lose it! LOL that is in craft supplies! I have already gone through my closet (that had everything from half finished projects, to soap, candles, plaster, wood, cross stitch etc etc) and reduce, reuse, recycle. I was able to get a good amount of stuff out from under my craft table, which made room for the cart above! I now have space for my Bug, my BigShot, my cutter, my Stampin Up markers, and the bin for all of the booklets for the bug. And the best thing? $17 at a big box store for the cart! It was meant to be a TV cart. I just left off the wheels, and added those magic glider things underneath of it to make it slide! It also freed up some space in my bookcases, which I still haven't finished organizing. And you'd be proud of me, a good amount of scrapbooking magazines are now at home in the Recycling Plant! I mean really I had YEARS worth of them! I still have MANY more to go through though!
True there is still stuff under the table, BUT it isn't as bad as it looks! There is a milk crate under there that I need to go through and get rid of more magazines, and then two folding files with paper in it, and then some misc stuff that didn't really fit elsewhere, but then again I am NOT finished. It is a work in progress! And I do still have more room in my bookcases that I can now rearrange stuff! But I am happy that there is now room or my feet under the table, and the huge stack of stuff that was in front of my closet is now gone!
Another New Years Resolution is to use my Bug more. I have it and so many cartridges, but rarely use it. Mostly because of lack of room! But now that I have a permanent place for it (so I don't have to drag it out into the kitchen to use, or worse sit on the floor an end up with a sore back) I plan on using it a lot more!
So there you have it! Now off to work on it some more!

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