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Monday, March 19, 2012

A broken collarbone

So...Last Tuesday afternoon Cheyenne went to play with a friend up the street. At about 4:30 she calls crying and very upset (she isn't allowed to cross the street, so she calls to let me know to come cross her. We can see the house from our front lawn). She comes home covered in mud and crying. Her side and shoulder are scraped and red, her finger is sore. The finger looks like a rope burn. So we put ice on the finger which helped with that pain. We put ice on her shoulder, but she said it made it feel worse. So we let her soak in some muscle soak in the tub. I gave her some Tylenol and a few hours later she went to bed. She said she barely slept. Wednesday morning she went to school. but we called the Dr to see if he could check her out. He ordered x-rays. Here she is after the x-ray. (Her sticker says "I had an x-ray") She got lots of stickers and a lollipop not to mention a bag of Teddy Grahams. She was VERY brave.

When we walked out of the x-ray room, I saw her films on the screen and saw the break right away. I didn't tell her. The Dr came in and she asked him if it was broken. He said "ah, yeah". I didn't get a picture at the time, but took one later. Of course I have the film backwards. I guess it is a good thing I am not a doctor!

For the next 2 days she barely slept, and was in quite a bit of pain. I have never **KNOCK ON WOOD** broken a bone, and neither has my husband. So we weren't sure how much pain she was in. Finally on Friday the prescribed her something stronger, and Friday night she slept 7+ hours. Saturday night she slept almost 12 and took a 2 hour nap!! And Saturday she was finally feeling better. Between Tuesday and Friday morning, she had only gotten about 5 hours of sleep. Amazingly she was not that miserable, but she sure was hurting. The poor thing!

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