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Monday, August 12, 2013

A cage for Frumpy

And while I was making cages...I made this one for our Tokay! I bought the cage bare, just the glass which includes the front panel. Here I started with Expanding foam and sprayed it all over the back of the tank. While it was still wet I took two pieces of cork which I pressed into the foam. We let it dry about two days. Then I took silicone (I should have used black, but at the time could only find clear) and spread it all over the foam. While it was still wet I took cocoa fiber and spread it into the silicone. Again waiting 24 hours and then I did some spot coverage. Once completely dry I shook the rest of the cocoa fiber out.Then I added a bunch of river rocks on the bottom of the tank. On top of the rocks I added a piece of weed block fabric and then a layer of organic soil. The weed block is to help prevent the dirt from washing down under the rocks. Then I added some live plants to the soil and covered that with more cocoa fiber (and later some frog moss).

These cages are a lot of work, but it sure is fun designing them!!  And I have to say, I think we have a "slight" lizard addiction. Next we'd like to get crested geckos! :-)

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