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Monday, August 12, 2013

A cage for Spyro

So I wanted to make a cool cage for Spyro. Some place he could climb and explore. So I looked at faux rock walls and just about had a heart attack when I saw they could be upwards of $300!! So I took a tour of YouTube and found I could make one using styrofoam, silicone, cement, and some good old fashion elbow grease!  This is actually the second wall I created. The first wall ended up being too big, and when my assistant tried to "fix" it, he ended up cutting crooked and it got messed up. I was NOT happy! Sadly I didn't get any work in progress photos (unless they are buried on the computer someplace). But I started with plain sheets of styrofoam, Cameron drew out some rock shapes on them. I then cut them out and shaped them. Then I used silicone to adhere them to a larger piece of styrofoam. Then some I made them two layers deep. After waiting 24 hours I "painted" one layer of cement on and waited another 24 hours. Then the second layer I used a gloved hand to add some texture to the cement. Another 24 hours later and we added the third layer along with some cement coloring. Then another 24 hours to dry. After that I used some grey  mixed with a little white and terra cotta acrylic paint to add some depth between the rocks. Then I used a grey to tap along some of the texture to give it a more natural look. Then I covered it with at least 6 layers of watered down modge podge sprinkled with some fine aquarium sand. Below is a picture of half the rocks with the detailing:
 And below, the finished wall. If you look closely you can see Spyro climbing up the wall on the upper left of the picture. This is right after we put him in his new cage. The pictures don't do the colors justice. The wall is really I nice terra cotta color.
I still want to make him some ledges and caves to explore, but it just got too hot outside to work on it. Since this picture we also added a tile floor and a branch for him to climb (as well as food and water bowls). All in all it really took about a month or so to complete with working and such. But I am pretty happy with the result!

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