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Monday, August 12, 2013

Lizards oh my!

So after our addition of the anoles, toads and frogs, we wanted a lizard that was more "hands on". We did some research and found that Bearded Dragons and Leopard Geckos are good lizard pets. So we started with one Beardie, and three Leos. And then it just grew to be more...
This is "Flame" Cheyenne's Beardie. He was just about 7 weeks old here:
 Next is my Beardie "Cynder" also about 7 weeks here:
 And this little guy was our first Beardie. He has such a great personality! And made us want more! This is "Spyro" Cameron's beardie. He is about 13 weeks here.
None of our Beardies have been sexed yet so we are just calling them all "him" for now. :-)

Strangely enough, we don't have any photos of our Leopard Geckos. At least not ones I took with my phone. They must be buried on my hard drive someplace. Oh and we do have a Tokay Geck. He is not friendly, I felt sorry for him at a Reptile Expo because he had him in such a small container and he was only $10. So we brought him home and then I did some research and found that Tokays like to bite. a lot. And hard. So I never have held him, and I dont put my hand close enough for him to get me. But he is pretty cool to look at. We named him "Frumpy". :-)

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