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Friday, October 16, 2009

Adding sentiments to your cards-part 2

This is the card I am making the sentiment for. I made these using Stampin Up's "Lots of Bots". The cardstock I used was stuff I had on hand. I made these for a swap on my fav MB last Saturday during a Crop that my friend Terri's sister had in New Holland. OK...so back to the card.
Here it is all printed out and adjusted, etc. Then I trimmed the paper down to be slightly smaller then the card itself. I believe I went down to 8 x 4.
I applied adhesive to the back of the left side of the paper. Folded it in half stuck it in the card, with the folded paper as far left into the fold of the cad that it could go. Closed the card and pressed down to make it stick. (yikes look at the freckles!)
And here we have it, the finished card!
You could of course also just apply the paper to one side of the card and omit the other side. I like it to have both sides, like that big card retailer does! You could also use some patterned paper inside, or I guess even Velumn. I have never printed on velumn though, so I don't know the steps for that.
I hope this helps!
Happy Creating!!!!

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