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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bookmarks for Donation

My friend Jean (JeanP) is holding a donation "swap" on my favorite Message Board. Her daughter is a teacher in a school in (I believe) Malaysia. Anyway she is doing a bookmark swap, and they will be donated to the school where she works. Jean says there are about 500 students in the school. I participated in the swap last year as well and had lots of fun with it. And what a great way to use up some of the scraps of cardstock that you have laying around? All of the bookmarks in the first picture were made by me, using all scraps of cardstock.
When I told Cheyenne what I was doing, and why, she said "Everyone should have a book" and she asked if she too could make some bookmarks. So I handed over my stamps and stamp pads (and yes I let her use the Stampin' Up ones) and she used one of my bookmarks as a pattern. She did all of the stamping and gluing, I helped her with the cutting. You may see a few that are glued crooked, but that's OK, because she made them with love! On the back we stamped them with my stamp, and wrote Cheyenne age 6.


Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

Oh how sweet!!! that is a great kid you got there!

Kelly said...

That is wonderful Gina! So sweet that Cheyenne wanted to help too! Hope you are doing well!