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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Be warned...my craft space

So I was asked to post a picture of my craft space. I have been putting it off, as it is always messy. What can I say I am creative, I can't be neat too! (Love that saying!) So today I had to clean it up so I can start some new projects, and I figured this was the best time to snap some photos, as it may not be clean for long. (Actually my Hubby was taking a nap, and came in and his exact words "ah! What happened to your table?" Thanks honey!) Not many people get to see this room, it's too dangerous!

Below is my craft table. I got it from IKEA. It really is full. I even use the window sill! (Hee hee just saw the shade is crooked) Yes there's even stuff under the table. It's a small room and I use all the space I have! :) You'll notice my chair is crooked also. That's thanks to the kids thinking it is meant to spin on. :(
Next my awesome storage drawers. Those first three stacks, all have stamps in!
My ribbons. OK really this is just some of them. I have three more dowels on the other wall with the drawers. And there is ribbon hiding elsewhere. I kind of have a ribbon addiction (as well as a stamp addiction).

My awesome over the door rack. Holds lots of goodies! And yes that is MORE ribbon you see! But can you see the one spool (on the right white with a red dot)? A whole spool for a $1! How could I pass that up?? There 4 more behind that one). Also please ignore the Pooh growth chart behind the rack. This used to be the nursery, and I never took it down.

Then I have on the same wall as my table, three 5 shelf bookcases that have shoeboxes with misc tools, ribbon, etc. I know it looks like a big mess compared to all of those beautiful craft rooms I have seen posted other places, but at least I have a space in which to craft. I hear many ladies say they have to use the dining room table, or have to lug stuff out, and then put it all back as soon as they are finished. My room is messy, but I know where (almost) everything is in it. a dn at the end of the day (or at 4 am when I normally craft) I can pull the door shut and no one has to see the mess. That's my story and I am sticking to it!
Also upon cleaning up a bit, I have a little craft hint for you.
Do you craft for hours only to find little bits of ribbon, paper, the little things form the back of your Dimensional all over the floor? I have a solution! Get yourself a lint roller! I used the one by Bounce. It not only picked up all the little things off the floor, BUT it also left the room smelling fresh! :)

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Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

You are addicted but we all have something!