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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Card Front- Pink and Brown

So you may be thinking "hey I have seen this card before" and you probably are right! I get the "Cards" magazine delivered to my home (thanks to my lovely hubby) each month. And there right on the page of the February 2010 issue, it was! I needed a pink and brown card for the swap on my favorite MB, and so this one worked out perfectly!
This is the "Fresh Cuts" stamp set by Stampin Up. It's the first time I used it! The stitching is all faux, I used my trusty Mat Stack from Stampin Up to line up the holes nice and straight. (and at 8+ cards it took a little while!) I then used my marker to draw in the stitching. Then I dyed the little bead things which on my favorite MB we fondly nicknamed "skittles" using my alcohol inks. The ribbon and cardstock are all stuff I had on hand!

Ok you are probably wondering...yes that IS snow in the background! I needed some light to get pictures of my cards and thought to myself "self, why not take advantage of the natural light hitting the snow" So I did. and the pictures came out pretty good. Now I am NOT saying that I want more snow, but at least I got something good out of all that snow we got over the past week and a half!!!!! (and don't worry if you like the snowy background...there are more to come!)

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