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Friday, January 21, 2011

Cat toys made by my Daughter

I wanted to share these with you. My daughter came home from school one day all excited because they were doing a charity for our local SPCA. We are both lovers of all animals (okay except rats or mice). So we thought about it and she wanted to make some of these toys. We had made these a few years ago for our cats, and they LOVE them! And they are simple and inexpensive to make.
First we cut strips of a large sheet of fun foam. She picked yellow and black for Bees, and red and black for Lady bugs.

Next we bound them together using zip ties (found in the hardware section of the local big box store), along with some of the curly ribbons they use on helium balloons, to give them some "crinkle". Some had bells, but we didn't have enough bells for all of them.

Then she wanted to make up little "Made by" tags, so here she is adding her name to ones we made on the computer.

And here is the finished products. She made 13 in all, 12 for the shelter, and one for her two cats.

I love that she is following in my "creative" footsteps. For Christmas I got her a rolling tote to keep all of her loose craft odds and ends in. I got tired of them all spread throughout the house. :D

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