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Friday, March 13, 2009

Don't fight with a steak knife!

So I learned a valuable lesson last night. If you are having dinner, and a steak knife slips off of your plate, as long as it isn't going to hit a child or pet, don't try to grab it!!!!!

Last night I settled onto the couch, which is where I have been eatting when David is off since mom is with us. I was already to sink my teeth into the juicy steak that David had grilled out. And the steak knife slips off my plate. I tried to grab it and instead, stabbed myself right in the palm of my right hand. As the blood was gushing, yes gushing, from my hand I yell to David for papertowels! He just looks at me, until my mom started yelling! He rushes me to the ER. I am trying not to pass out or vomit as he talks to all the people he knows from work (he is a prison guard, and one of the "residents" was also in the ER).
The Doctor said he wasn't going to glue or stich it as he wants it to drain. They gave me a tetnus shot as I wasn't sure when my last one was. He shoved the little piece of "meat" back into the hole and cleaned it up put me on an antibiotic and sent me home. He was glad that the knife was clean before I stabbed myself! (I guess you have to have something good to look at!)

This is not the first time I have cut myself with these knives, but the first ER visit. Sad thing is, I bought the knives for us Christmas 2007 as I wanted better knives! They are pretty sharp!

David brought me home, reheated my dinner and cut my steak for me!

Cheyenne was in the room when it all happened, but she told me when we got home that she thought it was barbeque sauce. It was probably a good thing! But she was upset that I bled on her jacket! (Maybe that will teach her to hang it up like I tell her!)

Sooooo anyway, I will try to stay motivated and still post, but please...no poking me with sharp objects if I fall behind!


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YIKES!! Poor girl and poor hand!