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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sticky note holders

I have been trying my hand at doing some altering and some other projects (besides just card making) I saw this idea on a website I frequent, and decided to try it out. This is the front, and I just noticed that I didn't have the ribbon tied for the picture. :(

Here is the inside of the first one (above). It has a pencil included. Now I have to say that I looked Online for these "golf" pencils, and it cost $7.50 for a box of them. So I had this idea....I grabbed a regular #2 pencil and I held it while David cut it with our Bypass pruners! Worked pretty good too! And I got two pencils out of the deal! It is still just a little too big for the holder though. I may have to sharpen it for a little longer! :)

After the one with the pencil was finished I kept looking at it and thinking I wish it was a little more...sturdy. So I made another (above) and left out the pencil and added a strip across the back of the pad to help hold it snug.
I made these for a swap partner...wink wink...but she may not get one of these, she may end up one that is totally different....I am going to play with it a bit still I think!

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Crystal said...

you are doing so great altering! I have a lot to live up to!