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Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Ballerina

Here she is! I was able to snap a shot of her singing and dancing in her rehearsal for this year's recital. They danced to "If I could Talk to the Animals" for their ballet number. She also is taking tap. Sadly this may be her last year in Dance. She just doesn't seem as into it this year. She has said she doesn't want to do it anymore. But she is so good at the Recitals. She kept pointing to a mark on the floor during rehearsal and the Instructor was telling them to line up in the center. After they danced she said "Cheyenne are you Center?" She said yes, and the Instructor said "You were right I am sorry. You were in the right spot then." Last year the other girls wanted her to move over but she stayed right on her mark, and wouldn't budge. She was right on her mark again! The funny thing is, they do all of their rehearsals in the Dance Studio, and only one on stage. They don't go out onto the stage before their number, so how does she know where she is supposed to be??? I know they mark the stage, but apparently their were a number of marks on the stage.

I was on this SAME stage many moons ago. Their recital is in my old high school. I was in the Choir in High School.

I hope she continues with dance, but as I have said since the beginning I am not going to push her to do it. If she says she is done, she is. But oh how I would love her to be a Prima Ballerina!

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Summer Loving Gal said...

oh she just looks so cute! Maybe if she's off a bit from it she'll realize how she misses dancing...and maybe not. Glad you aren't pushing her :-)