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Friday, June 26, 2009

Wandering in my garden

Today I was trying to get some pictures of cards in natural light for my Stampin Up blog. So I trekked out into my garden. I was finally able to get a good picture, but while I was out there, I shot a few pictures of my garden.

The first is of Cheyenne's blueberry bush. We bought it a few years ago, and it took forever to get it into the ground. When we finally did, it looked barely more then a stick with a couple of leaves. Last year we were able to get a few blueberries. This year it looks like it may be more successful. Here is one little cluster of berries. We had it covered with bird netting to keep the birds off the berries, but as you can see, it has gotten too tall for that. These are above the netting. My Lilly. I bought these years ago from Gardens etc (or something like that) they were called Lilies for naturalization. Whatever that means. I don't know exactly what kind of lilies these are, but they sure are pretty! I have a nice little cluster of them in our backyard.

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