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Monday, June 15, 2009

Cards for a Teacher

Cheyenne and I wanted to make something special for her Kindergarten teacher for such a great year. I had made cards like this before, but I guess I never took pictures of them. Anyway Cheyenne liked them and wanted to make them for her teacher. So I rolled out the image using my Stampin Up "So Swirly" Jumbo roller (which by the way is retiring in June! :( Sad about that!) Then we added the blue border, and added that to the red card. We didn't know what her teacher's favorite color was, but figured you couldn't go wrong with red white and blue! The close up shows the little beads that Cheyenne had the job of sticking on! Those little guys are tiny! There were two sizes, this one is the bigger of the two. She did a pretty good job with it though!

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