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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Items for a Craft Fair - Small Reindeer Tags

I really had to dig stuff out to make these! I pulled out and dusted my original hand operated Die Cut machine for the reindeer on these! It's amazing how far Die cuts have come! Gone are the days where you ended up hurting your hand or bribing your hubby to squeeze the hand tool while he's sitting there watching TV. LOL. Ah but they still have some cute dies! The circle tags were actually cut out using a store's die machine. The store closed, oh 3 years ago maybe. I was wishing they were still around, because I could use more of those handy tags!
Anyway these are for an upcoming Craft Fair that I will be doing in Mid-September. I'm trying to get a bunch done before I go back to work! Also in a few days I will be heading out to Ohio for my brother's wedding. I'm scheduling out a few posts so that I don't slam with you a bunch all at once!

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