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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Second Annual Card Swap - Thinking of you

Ok so I made these also for TexasTam's swap. This was during my creativce slump, they are not at all what I pictured in my mind. I had to change it a few times because I ended up with too much white. These are much better then the second or third attempts! Hopefully they are okay. I wanted to show how if you are short on a piece of cardstock color, you can use the center of a piece and once it is put together, no one will know! I had this really cute pinkish-purple, but not enough to do all of my matting, So I cut the center out of the one piece and so I could still have enough to mat my sentiment. Since it was going onto a white piece to create the card, no one will be able to see that it is missing. That plus since I didn't use a whole piece behind the printed paper, it won't weigh as much when it comes time to send it! The sentiment is from Stampin' Up's "Three Little Words" set. I also used the Word Window punch and the Scalloped Trim border punches from Stampin Up. A little note about the purple ribbon. When I got married 8 years ago, I made the little favors (along with my mom, and friend). When we were buying supplies we didn't know how much ribbon we were going to need so I just bought a ton. Well this roll was leftover from the ton, and I thought it matched the darker purple flowers in the printed paper, so I thought it was perfect! I told you I have stuff from forever ago! LOL

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Summer Loving Gal said...

I just love looking at your cards, Gina! Creative slump my behind....you are always creative! Keep up the fabulous work my friend.